Oct. 1: Solving Poverty through Small and Growing Businesses

Date: Wednesday, October 1st
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Led by: Veronica Chau, Dalberg Global Development
For Details and to Register: http://tinyurl.com/yze7q2

Imagine if Steve Jobs or Bill Gates had been born in Ghana instead of the United States. Apple Computer and Microsoft would likely never have existed. Most entrepreneurs in the developing world can’t pursue their ideas because they can’t raise the capital they need, they can’t find qualified people or they lack a reliable way to get products to customers. They run into red tape, corruption, labor disputes, infrastructure in disrepair or lack of reliable energy services. Right now there are millions of individuals getting $50 and $100 microcredit loans each year, but there is an absence of political will, capital and talented people focused on supporting entrepreneurs one level up—those who have business ideas that could employ or serve 500 or 5000 people someday.

The conference call will provide listeners with an overview of the potential that Small and Growing Businesses can play in development and how to get involved in this growing and innovative sector within the international development field. This call will introduce listeners to the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), an emerging network of entrepreneurial leaders who invest in and provide management assistance to ‘Small and Growing Businesses’ (SGBs), as well as the foundations and investors who fund and support these efforts. This group believes that ending poverty starts with the entrepreneur who builds a business that serves customers, creates jobs, and raises incomes, often addressing critical social problems to complement the efforts of government and aid organizations.

About Veronica:

Veronica Chau is a Project Manager with Dalberg Global Development’s Washington DC office. She has been a consultant in both the public and private sectors in areas that include organizational development, and change management and in policy areas that include social enterprise and international trade. She is part of the Dalberg team that has been working to launch the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs. Prior to joining Dalberg, Veronica worked with the Boston Consulting Group, International Trade Canada and the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development. She has a Masters of Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from the University of Waterloo (Canada).

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