President’s Corner: October 2008

Greetings Net Impacters,

It seems I’ve missed the start of the month by a few days! October has me running on all cylinders. Not the least:  the next time I write to you I’ll have a ring on my finger and a bride on my arm (well, figuratively)!

It’s an eventful month for Net Impact, too. Yesterday, Jed and I spoke about Net Impact at the New England Regional Meeting of the Opportunity Finance Network, a network of private financial intermediaries who specialize in lending to unconvential, overlooked markets. It was an interesting range of professionals, and hopefully we enticed a few of them to check out their local Net Impact professional chapter.

Speaking of our local professional chapter (which, as many of you know, I always am), I’m really excited for tonight’s Leadership Dinner. This is an open call to our members to see if anyone’s interested in getting involved in the running of our chapter in a small or big role. Nashville isn’t the only place with democracy in action tonight!

At last year’s Leadership Dinner we met new members like Jed and Holly, who now serve as chapter vice presidents. We’ve had some great interest so far this year. In fact, we’re even considering holding a second Leadership Dinner in a month or two to make sure everyone gets a chance to get involved. If you’d be interested in that, please let me know — post a comment here or email

Take advantage of your membership in a great organization by becoming more involved with NIB!

President, NIB

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