Dec. 12: Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement
Impact at Work – Expert-Led Call
: Friday, December 12th
: 12:00-1:00pm
Led By
: Dermot Murray, Program Manager for Employee Engagement at the Verizon Foundation

For Details and to Register: 

Thank you for your interest in attending the December Impact at Work Expert-Led call on “Employee Engagement” with Dermot Murray, Program Manager for Employee Engagement at the Verizon Foundation. This discussion will focus on how to engage employees around your company’s social and environmental causes, and will allow call participants to interact with an experienced expert and each other to share best practices and brainstorm ideas.

Dermot has more than 12 years of experience in the information and telecommunications industry. Since graduating with an MBA from Columbia Business School in 2001, Dermot has been with Verizon Communications in finance and product development roles, before joining the Verizon Foundation in 2006. In his current capacity as Program Manager with the Verizon Foundation, Dermot manages the company’s employee-giving campaigns and volunteer programs targeting over 225,000 employees worldwide, and he also oversees the company’s matching gifts program which donated a combined total of almost $12 million to non-profits throughout the US in 2007. Dermot is also on the New Jersey Chapter Board of Net Impact. Join the discussion to learn how you can inspire, motivate and engage employees in support of your organization’s CSR objectives.

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