President’s Corner: December 2008

Greetings Net Impacters,

Since this is the twilight of my term and the final time I’m privileged to pen the President’s Corner, I’d like to look back on a year in which we’ve accomplished much.

By year’s end we’ll have hosted a dozen Cleantech dinners, a half-dozen Third Thursday student/professional mixers, and a handful of professional happy hours. We put on CSR discussions over an organic beer tasting and a sampling of fair trade chocolate. We hosted sustainability speakers and career workshops, book discussions and small-group dinners.

Going beyond dinners and discussions, this year we launched a remote international consulting project co-sponsored with MBAs Without Borders and laid the groundwork for more partnerships. Our Speed Networking event was also well-attended and a big hit, and promises to become and annual event.

People seem to have noticed our activities. Our membership grew by 30% to 133 paid members without any formal membership drive; Net Impact central also honored us by rating us one of the top 3 professional chapters in the world for 2008.

The truth is, though, we have a lot of work to do to establish Net Impact Boston as the premier professional organization for socially- and environmentally-responsible business in Boston, and I’m really excited to see what our team cooks up for next year. Most of the core leadership team is staying with the chapter in new roles, including one very big change: current VP of Outreach Holly Fowler will be taking over as President!

Trust me when I say that Net Impact Boston is truly trading up in its new leader. Over the past year, Holly has served as Tinkerbell to my Peter Pan, making sure that the chapter matures in its leadership and vision and that our initiatives don’t languish in Never Never Land.

I’ll let Holly introduce herself and tell her story in her first President’s Corner in a few short weeks, but suffice it to say that if you haven’t yet found reason to get involved in the chapter, now is a perfect time. The energy and enthusiasm for CSR and sustainability initiatives on the team is a mighty antidote to the sour economic times — come join us!

As usual, you can leave comments here, or send them to president(at)


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