President’s Corner: January 2009

The new year is always a great time for new resolutions, new faces, new ideas and new adventures, and it is in this spirit that I write my first installment of the Net Impact Boston President’s Corner. Since joining the organization in 2007, Net Impact has provided me with a number of new opportunities, including the latest honor of leading a stellar professional chapter in 2009 and for that I am very grateful!


We have a year full of thought-provoking and fun events lined up for everyone, but it will require engagement on behalf of all members – present and future – to make our collective activities a success. Our primary goal for 2009 is to extend the conversation around corporate social responsibility to more friends, colleagues, and CSR leaders in Boston and to invite them to join the dynamic community that is Net Impact Boston. Our city is truly an epicenter for change from social entrepreneurship to socially responsible investment to alternative energy engineering, and Net Impact is uniquely placed to bring together people, who together can make a difference in how we work and how we live.


Over the course of the next twelve months, your NIB leadership team will create numerous opportunities to connect with other NIB members and the Boston CSR community. We hope that you will take advantage of your membership to attend these, as well as share with us your suggestions for how to improve and to grow our initiatives. Starting on January 7th, we have an extended leadership team meeting in Cambridge and anyone interested in playing a larger role in shaping this year’s activities is invited to participate. At the end of this month, we also have an important fund raiser for our Net Impact Boston/MBAs Without Borders Light Up Uganda project, which we hope you will attend. In February and beyond, look forward to the highly acclaimed CleanTech dinners, industry-specific panels, consulting projects, community service outings, site visits, Third Thursday happy hours, and the much anticipated second annual speed networking evening. And this is just the beginning!


If you are a new member, welcome. If you are an existing member, it is great to have you on board for another year. If you are a lifetime member, we honor your commitment to the long-term vision of the organization. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining. It is a historical time of change and the more the merrier on this journey.


All the best for a socially and environmentally responsible 2009 from your friends at Net Impact Boston!


Kindest regards,

Holly Fowler


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