President’s Corner: February 2009

I would like to begin this month’s newsletter with recognition for everyone who contributed to the success of Net Impact Boston’s largest event ever – Light Up Uganda – held on January 30th. What began as a simple invitation from MBA’s Without Borders to somehow work together, took the form of an ambitious project to deliver safe, sustainable lighting to rural Ugandan communities, and culminated in a truly inspiring fundraising effort and celebration. In just over a month, this team, led by Net Impact Boston member, Melissa Bates, not only raised nearly $15,000, but worked tirelessly to inform hundreds of friends, family, classmates, colleagues, and complete strangers about the social, economic and environmental difference they could make in the world. I would like say a special thanks to the entire team for all of the enthusiasm and thoughtful preparation that went into making Light Up Uganda a reality.


The momentum of our activities shall not diminish as we move into February. This month will feature an informal discussion with Peter Senge,  a professional development and networking event led by Net Impact pioneer, Mark Albion, a Clean Tech dinner, and a visit to Haley House for an in depth look at social enterprise. We hope to see you at one of these next great events.


Finally, I’d like to share a few thoughts about the current economic times and offer some positive outlook for those that find themselves at career inflection points, either by choice or thrust there unexpectedly. I have been there recently myself and I encourage you to see this moment as an opportunity. What is next will be better. If you are reading this, then you have already joined Net Impact and set yourself up for success. The fact is the new economy is different and whether you realize it or not, you already understand it better than most. That said, transition isn’t always comfortable or convenient, so at Net Impact Boston, we are placing an emphasis on professional development this year. Let us be your network. Let us be a resource. Let us help you be a great visionary and thought leader for a company or organization whose future competitive advantage depends on getting corporate social responsibility right.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Kindest regards,



Net Impact Boston

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