NIBbles: Networking Event with Net Impact Founder Mark Albion

Even President Obama is going to Mark Albion for advice these days.

more-than-money2Mark AlbionMark Albion describes his book More Than Money: Questions Every MBA Needs to Answer as helping ‘conflicted achievers’ find who we really want to be and our path of service. As he looked around the room at members of the Net Impact Boston professional chapter and student chapters, Mark’s blanket statement “We are all entrepreneurs” was a call to action.

Mark’s advice on how to create our own career destiny plan was sprinkled with anecdotes from his own career path. He insisted on the importance of being able to articulate our dream and shared his own dream to “create an academic Ashoka,” where all students learn an entrepreneurial way of thinking to address social problems.

Mark Albion Networking Event

Five take-home points from Mark’s discussion on how to seek a successful and fulfilling career are:

  1. Focus on how you want to be remembered and what it is that makes you come alive rather than your skill set.
  2. Know how you will measure your own success. (Watch “The Good Life Parablewritten and narrated by Mark to start thinking about what makes you truly happy.)
  3. Have people around who support you for being yourself.
  4. Understand that the process is iterative.
  5. Be awake. For Mark, the things that have propelled his career have come from an unexpected direction and his initial response to these opportunities was “no way”.

Follow Mark’s advice and you will have a great story to tell!

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