President’s Corner: September 2009

Ready for Impact

It’s that time of year again; students – fresh-eyed, anxious, and idealistic arriving in a new place for their first year of college. The world is their oyster. Opportunity is everywhere. Where will they make their mark? What will be their lasting legacy, their impact on society?

Except for the college part, this is how I feel most days too. I think a lot of sustainability professionals do. I conducted an eco-efficiency site assessment this week and a colleague said to me after just an hour, “I’ve never seen so many things so differently before.” I look at the global commitments my company has made to sustainability and I wonder simultaneously whether we have stretched too far or not far enough. I wake up every morning and go to work, convinced there are better ways to do things and that the collective capacity of a creative class can achieve the craziest of ideas. For me, the universe is the oyster, our planet its pearl, and we have a shared opportunity to make the most of a very rare gem.

But college is more than casually tossing a Frisbee around on the quad. It comes with its share of investment, responsibility, and late nights. So too, does our job. The saving grace is all the other fresh-eyed, anxious idealists surrounding us and nowhere do I feel this more than in the presence of fellow Net Impacters.

This is why September isn’t just for students anymore; it’s for professionals. This month we are looking forward to welcoming many of you to Boston as new members and to seeing everyone at two of the largest, most anticipated events of the year – speed networking and Jeffrey Hollender at Brandeis. All of these activities promise you will meet someone new and learn something you never imagined – a little like college, right? So read on for inspiration and the details of the opportunities September holds for you.

Kind regards,

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