Announcement: 2010 Board Fellows Opportunities

Net Impact Boston – Board Fellows 2010 Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in working on the board of a non-profit? Do you want to help an organization expand its impact? Then Board Fellows is for you!

We have a number of exciting opportunities to get involved. Below is a list of some of the volunteer opportunities available for Board Fellows.

To apply, please fill out the application downloadable here. Send you completed application and resume to Applications are due by January 20.

* Not all experience listed is required for each project. Some organizations have several projects, each of which may require only some of the skills identified.  If you are interested in a project but have only some of the skills listed, please apply.


Organization 1: Small non-profit that uses music to educate and empower youth

· Mission: Start-up stage: To fortify urban youth by helping them gain musical proficiency, cultural literacy and personal resilience through African Diasporic music and mentoring.

· Project/Challenge:

o Strategic Planning – Performance & Outcome Measurement and Program Evaluation Create program evaluation guide/tools to help set benchmarks for and measure the performance of the organization and its programs.

· Preferred Experience:

o Performance and outcome measurement

o Experience with and/or strong interest in music and youth development

Organization 2: Mid-size non-profit that provides continuing education and training to equal justice attorneys

· Mission: Start-up stage; To provide equal justice advocates, through high quality, accessible continuing education and training, with the tools they need to obtain justice for their clients

· Project/Challenge:

o Create a business plan to help develop a diverse and reliable revenue stream.  Establish pricing models for course delivery and licensing and other resources to expand organizational reach; develop a marketing plan and outreach strategy; assist in developing a strategic plan for managing growth.

· Preferred Experience:

o Business planning and development

o Resource development

o Board development

Organization 3: Mid-size, growth stage non-profit that trains at-risk girls in verbal and physical safety skills and self-awareness

· Mission: To empower girls and young women to value and champion their own safety and well being

· Project/Challenge:

o Evaluate feasibility of program expansion.  Perform market analysis of costs, need, marketability, desirability and identification of similar programs.

· Preferred Experience:

o Business plan development

o Program growth/expansion

o Market research

Organization 4: Small start-up stage non-profit that is building one school at a time in developing countries to make the classroom more accessible to girls

· Mission: To equip girls with self-reliance, knowledge, and increased capacities to both enhance their own lives and to contribute productively to their societies

· Project/Challenges:

o Board development; business planning and strategic growth; marketing

o Develop rules and procedures for Board of Directors – establish board constitution, procedures and guidelines.

o Establish plan for organizational growth and sustainability; create funding plan; finance management.

o Develop online marketing strategy.

· Preferred Experience:

o Expertise in corporate structure

o Expertise in sustainability of organizations

o Online marketing

o Fundraising

Organization 5: Small Start-up Social Services non-profit serving youth and families

· Mission: To promote healthy social and emotional development among youth and families by providing (1) advocacy, (2) prevention and (3)intervention services to keep youth safe and enhance family functioning

· Project/Challenge:

o Fundraising strategy

· Preferred Experience:

o Business development

o Fundraising

o Marketing

Organization 6: Start-up phase non-profit that encourages individuals to support philanthropic causes

· Mission: To inspire and support people to give at their full lifetime potential

· Project/Challenge:

o Exploring different business models (in the aim to increase earned income) and Partnership models (which structures and other orgs yield most benefit to the non-profit)

o Leadership transition

o Helping org focus its programs: Identifying the most impactful, financially sustainable programs aligned with mission

· Preferred Experience:

o Familiarity with non-profits and for-profit organizations

o Start-up/entrepreneurial experience

o Well versed in philanthropy or excited to learn about it

Organization 7: Growth phase non-profit that provides affordable home ownership opportunities to needy families

· Mission: To strengthen families and communities through affordable home ownership opportunities.

· Project/Challenge:

o Develop new program for local community designed to engage youth in the mission of the organization.

o Program should include events, fundraising, and volunteer opportunities for participants.

· Preferred Experience:

o Strategic planning

o Experience geared towards exciting youth in compelling manners

o Marketing strategy

Organization 8: Growth phase non-profit that provides mental health consumers/survivors/ex patients with resources to lead rewarding and meaningful lives.

· Mission: To carry message of recovery, empowerment, hope and healing to people who have been labeled with mental illness.

· Project/Challenge:

o Explore the possibility of establishing a for-profit business that supports the non-profit. Explore grant/seed funding sources for start-up and viable directions for the business

o Develop strategic plan for spinning out an organization that is fiscally sponsored by the non-profit.

o Fundraising strategy to better-diversify income sources and better track and interact with donors.

· Preferred Experience:

o Strategic planning as it relates to business planning and/or fundraising

o Customer relationship management or Donor management

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