President’s Corner August 2010

So far this summer has proven to be much warmer and drier than last year’s. While the plants on my back porch seem to be enjoying it, and I’m not complaining either, it brings to light an interesting fact. Last month was the hottest June ever worldwide, with 2010 currently on pace to be the hottest year on record. Since I spent last weekend battling 90+ degree temperatures in New York City, I’m very curious to see how the month of July measures up…

Speaking of which, this past month Net Impact Boston participated in the Spirit of Service event put on by the On Your Feet project. The event was well-attended and we spoke with a number of attendees interested in getting more involved in NIB either through the Board Fellows or CRC programs. Net Impact Boston also held the July installment of our Summer Happy Hour series where I personally met a bunch of new folks, including a couple of fellows in the Climate Corps program, a partnership between Net Impact and EDF. Looking forward, I’m excited about our new Net Impact online community and urge you all to check it out. Also, we’ll be holding the last of our Summer Happy Hour series on August 9th. If you haven’t made it to one yet this summer, I hope you will attend.

Devon Long-Lytle
2010 Net Impact Boston President

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