September 2010 Announcements

Corporate Responsibility Consulting – Application Deadline October 1
Many of you joined Net Impact Boston to make the transition into fulfilling careers in CSR, sustainability, or social enterprise. Corporate Responsibility Consulting can help you take the next step toward a career aligned with your social and environmental values by gaining concrete experience — without leaving your job.

We’re working with local, values-aligned companies to set up projects on which you’ll consult directly for the organization that needs your help. The time commitment is 5-10 hours per week over a 3-, 6-, or 9-month term, depending on the organization’s needs and your availability. Those of you who are currently employed can do the project during professional-friendly hours, such as meeting on-site over lunch and working off-site on your own schedule. Your compensation is the contacts you’ll make and the great experience on your resume.

We’re accepting applications now through October 1 for the fall program launch.

Please fill out an application here.

Questions? Email

Do you work for an organization that could use some help from Net Impact Boston’s high-performance members? Please contact us at to start a conversation about working with NIB members. This is a great way to get important projects off your plate, and even vet potential new hires!

Board Fellows Program – Application Deadline October 1

Net Impact Boston has been partnering with local non-profit organizations to help provide professional expertise to their boards while exposing its members to strategic and governance issues facing non-profits. From helping a charter school in Boston launch a marketing program, to assisting an organization dedicated to educating girls in third world countries develop its strategic plan, Net Impact Boston Board Fellows have been making a real impact.

We are now accepting applications for professionals to join our Board Fellows program. If you are interested in joining the board of a local non-profit organization, we welcome you to apply.

The application is available here.

We are also accepting applications from local non-profit organizations. If you know of any organizations that would like to host a fellow, we invite them to apply here.

For more information, please check out the Board Fellows section of our website or email

Keep in Touch – New Community Site!
Have a great conversation with someone but forgot to grab a business card? Working on a new project and want to reach out for ideas or support? Forget someone’s name and want to play it cool next time you meet? Consider joining Net Impact Boston’s online community for an easy way to connect with your fellow members. We also list events, host casual discussions, and share interesting information. Hope to see you online!

Regional Events of Interest
If you know of local happenings that would be of interest to our membership, email to request their inclusion in the monthly NIB newsletter and online.

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