More Events Coming Your Way

For a complete list of Net Impact Boston events and regional events of interest, please visit our community site.

Cleantech Kingpins Speaker Series

Topic: “Save the World or Beat China: How to Sell Cleantech Investment to the US?”

Under almost any metric, the US is falling behind in cleantech investment compared with European and Asian countries.

We’re gathering a diverse group of Boston experts to answer three questions:
1. What are you currently working on?
2. From their perspective, why is this trend happening?
3. From their perspective, what are (at least) 3 things we must do to reverse this trend?

Kingpins is a forum to highlight Boston’s best cleantech innovators to share their stories, successes, challenges, and future insights with industry professionals, industry professionals and the community at large.

When: Thursday, September 30 at 6pm
Location: NEXUS Green Building Resource Center, 38 Chauncy St., 7th Floor, Boston

Beyond Cause Marketing Summit

The Beyond Cause Marketing summit is bringing together a diverse group of leaders to create a new framework for how companies, charities, and government can better engage and encourage the public to solve social issues. Let’s face it – cause marketing isn’t getting the job done. For all the money and attention raised, not enough is being done to address the major challenges facing society today. It’s time to shift our thinking and approach. Register at by September 30 for $49 rate.

When: October 8
Location: MIT Student Center, Cambridge

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