Oct 2010: President’s Corner

Happy autumn to all of the Net Impact Boston members out there!

There are two conferences that I’d like to briefly discuss in this month’s installment of the President’s Corner. I had the pleasure of attending the Green Innovation in Business Network’s Solutions Lab earlier this month, which I must say, lived up to all of the wonderful things that I’ve heard about it. The Solutions Lab was again run in an unconference format this year, with a number of tables focused on different issues concerning energy efficiency. I spent a majority of the day with about ten other attendees working on a challenge related to financing for energy efficiency projects. In the end I met a bunch of new people, saw some familiar faces, and had fun listening to the solutions that all of the groups devised for their specific challenges. I truly enjoyed the format, which I’ve never experienced before, and left feeling energized and inspired. In the same vein, I wanted to remind everyone that the 2010 Net Impact National Conference will be held from October 28th – 30th at the University of Michigan. If you’re able to, I strongly encourage you to attend. I’ve had the privilege of attending three national conferences, and I can promise you it will be worth your while.

Also, in more local news, if you are interested in participating in the fall term of either the Board Fellows or Corporate Responsibility Consulting programs as a volunteer or a member organization, please be sure to get involved soon – both programs are ramping up right about now.

Devon Long-Lytle
2010 Net Impact Boston President

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