Feb 2011 President’s Corner

A belated Happy New Year to the Net Impact Boston Community. I hope you that you have been able to spend a bit of time enjoying the beautiful snow (or at the very least are not highly annoyed with the piles on the sidewalk).

2011 marks the second year that I have been involved with NIB. What drew me to this organization was its purpose and what kept me involved was the passion and breadth of work/life experience of members related to making a positive social, environmental and economic impact using the power of business. You cannot come to one of our events without being inspired, making a great contact or meeting a friend for life.

NIB would not be the robust and active organization it is at this point without years of heart and muscle put in by former key players in building the Boston Chapter. A special thanks to Asheen, Holly, Melissa, Greg, Danielle, Moriah, Siiri and Kristina. Thanks for passing the torch for the moment. We look forward to seeing you at meetings and events as well as lending a hand where your time and talent allows.

Lastly, most impressive to me is the commitment and talent of those individuals currently working magic by their involvement in leading or participating on NIB committees. With that, it is my pleasure to announce our 2011 Board and Committee Members. Last year’s NIB President Devon Long-Lytle will be helping us navigate 2011 in her role as Vice President of our team. In addition to Devon, we currently have:

Committee: Events
Leads: Jesse Gossett & Eric Misbach
Committee Members: Hannah Doran, Alena Smalligan, Melissa Barton, Yasie Saadatnejadi &Whitney Rauschenbach

Committee: Board Fellows Program
Lead: Emile Chin-Dickey
Committee Members: Maura Hodge & Kevin Greer

Committee: Marketing and Communications
Lead: Monica Nakielski
Committee Member: Ian Lavery

Committee: Web Master
Leads: OPEN
Committee Members: OPEN

Committee: Professional Development
Lead: Bob Pojasek
Committee Members: Lori Van Dam & Nils Klinkenberg

Committee: Membership
Leads: OPEN
Committee Members: OPEN

Committee: Student Chapter Liaison
Leads: OPEN
Committee Members: OPEN

Please contact me if you are interested in supporting any of our important openings or if you’d like to be involved in any way.

For those of you attending our first NIB meeting of 2011, I look forward to meeting with you. Please check back on the blog for the latest information.

I look forward to meeting and working with you this year.

Monica Sullivan
2011 Net Impact Boston President

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