President’s Corner

About Net Impact

Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire, educate and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.  Net Impact members are current and emerging leaders in corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development and environmental sustainability who are actively improving the world.

Our Chapter

In Boston, our chapter consists of 175 members averaging 10 years of professional experience. Upwards of 70% hold an advanced degree.  Over 75% of you work in the for-profit sector in companies of all sizes.  Roughly 25% are in non-profit.  You work for companies and organizations like Esty Environmental Partners, Ceres, Earthwatch, Environmental Defense Fund, Zero Energy Design, Sodexo, Staples and Preserve. You came to NIB to network for job opportunities and partnerships, for professional development, and to meet like-minded individuals.  You stay because of the caliber and passion of the people you meet and the partnerships you’ve created.

People and partnerships are a fantastic and lasting benefit to being in our chapter.  We also know that you are looking to us for more professional development opportunities.  This year, NIB has put in place a Professional Development Committee to address that want.  So in addition to building your career and honing your skills through our Board Fellows Program and the Events we offer with a professional development bent — we now have a creative, fired-up team dedicated to bringing you professional development opportunities.

As your leader this year, I intend to continue the legacy of making NIB a magnet for talented, passionate Boston Area Professionals seeking to make positive social and environmental impact through the power for business.  It’s an honor.

Hope to see you in our City soon.



Monica Sullivan

2011 Net Impact Boston President

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