April 2011: President’s Corner

The snow in my yard has melted, the sun is shining and I’m feeling optimistic.  Don’t get me wrong; there were many, many items in this morning’s NY Times that have the potential to consume me — or any logical person — with concern.  Yet here we are, a group of Net Impact Boston professionals ready to somehow, somehow move the world forward.  That’s the optimism.  The challenges facing our planet are great and yet through NIB I am constantly reminded of the passion, talent, brains and relentless determination of people making (or trying to figure out how to make) a positive social and environmental impact using the power of business.

On April 22nd this month, we will celebrate Earth Day.  And if you haven’t decided how to honor the occasion, I’d like to offer a recommendation or two:

GET INSPIRED — Read Net Impact’s Corporate Careers the Make a Difference Guide

About the Guide:
“A growing number of graduates and working professionals believe they can use business to make a positive impact on the world. But what are they to do when faced with such a rapidly increasing demand for dedicated positions in corporate responsibility and sustainability? Corporate Careers That Make a Difference answers this question with more than 80 pages of practical advice, including dozens of success stories from the field.

Whether you’re just starting the job search, switching career directions, or looking for ways to incorporate social and environmental change into your current role, Corporate Careers That Make a Difference will equip you with a sturdy foundation on which to build a lasting career in sustainability and social responsibility, no matter the department or job title.”

GET EQUIPPED— Leverage our Impact at Work Program

About the Program:

The Impact at Work program develops and supports a community of social intrapreneurs who leverage their business skills and ideals to make a positive difference in their workplace.  Impact at Work provides resources, project ideas as well as success stories from within the Net Impact Global community.  Take a look at what Mark Adams of Intel Capital executed as an Impact at Work Project: How to launch a socially-minded business plan competition through your company.

As part of our continued focus on supporting you in your career, NIB will be offering support to individuals or teams looking to kick off a successful Impact at Work Program. More details will be coming out later this month.

Until then, I hope to see you later this month at our Speed-Networking Event!
Monica Sullivan
2011 Net Impact Boston President

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