July 2011: President’s Corner

After being thrust into Summer after a lengthy, rainy Spring we are busy enjoying the outdoors and the slowing-building-bounty at our local farmer’s market.  While Net Impact Boston doesn’t quite play hooky during the summer, we do slow things down a bit.  Please check out our Summer events and join us for a cool drink and lively conversation at one of our Happy Hours.  Or, take this opportunity to reach out to a smaller group of members through one of our social sites — gather a group, go for a hike or meet up for dinner.  Mark Albion, co-founder of Net Impact has said that one of the benefits of being a member of the NI community is that “You can go to NYC, find a Net Impact member and have something in common.”  (He actually said, “sleep on their couch”).  And so, take Mark’s lead.  It’s summer.  Get out there and meet some like-minded friends, explore the local area, talk shop and most of all, enjoy.

See You Soon.

Monica Sullivan
2011 Net Impact Boston President

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