Dinner with author Tedd Saunders: “The Bottom Line of Green is Black”

rainforest foliage

Join us for an evening of excellent dining and inspirational dialogue. Our special guest, Tedd Saunders, will open the evening’s discussion on the business case for ecotourism with some thoughtful reflections on his area of expertise.

Date: Monday, March 12th
Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm
Location: City Table, Lenox Hotel: 61 Exeter Street, Boston
RSVP: events@netimpactboston.org

As a sustainability-minded co-owner of a number of hotels and founder of EcoLogical Solutions, Inc., Mr. Saunders has been a leader in promoting responsible business strategies in the tourism industry on a global scale.  As the travel and tourism industry is the largest of all service industries, integrating sustainability in this context is incredibly powerful.  Exemplifying sustainable hotel initiatives, the Lenox Hotel and City Table perfectly set the stage for what is sure to be a fascinating conversation.

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