Mar 2012: President’s Corner

writerI had the first-world pleasure of enjoying a delicious brunch with my husband and parents this past weekend.  While diving into this year’s elections, we discussed a basic difference in worldview and ideals that appear to be at the root of the country’s divide.  One group idealizes what has been, hoping to protect (the idea of) our country as it has been for decades — my nice yard, my nest egg, my access to my doctor should I be sick.   The other camp wants these things as well, but is realistic about factors informing how we proceed — globalization challenges, energy and natural resource demands, issues of hunger, poverty and over-population.

This is why I joined Net Impact Boston.  Because I want to be part of a community sitting in the second camp.  Not only sitting in the second camp, but making some serious noise.  Net Impact Boston Members are engaged in using their minds and muscle on tough social and environmental challenges in all types of business sectors and industries.  I continue to be thrilled to be a part of it.

I hope to meet you at a Net Impact event very soon.

Monica Sullivan
2012 Net Impact Boston President

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