President’s Corner – December 2012

Hi Net Impact Boston,

Over the last month, I been asked a couple of times by family and friends about why I chose to be involved with Net Impact Boston. The first time, I gave a complicated, jargon-y answer about climate change, social responsibility, market power . . . I did not get a follow up question.

On Thanksgiving, I gave a much simpler response. The table was crowded, the mood was light and festive. My response? “I love being part of a group of people committed to using their careers to make the world a better place.” There were LOTS of follow up questions. The situation led me to the answer really at the core of my involvement. And it never hurt that it also reminded me of the importance of clear messages!

So this holiday season, I want to take this opportunity to share just one (relatively) simple message: I am thrilled and grateful to be involved with the Net Impact Boston community! Thank you to all those who speak at our events, to everyone that comes and learns, to the people that use that information to have an impact on their workplaces, and to the members that leverage our tools to shape impactful future careers. Finally, thank you to my dedicated fellow leadership team members. Together we are tackling the world’s toughest problems, demonstrating that it’s possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line – but people and the planet, too.

Happy Holidays!

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