Board Fellows Q&A: Elizabeth Hodge, Board Fellow, Generation Citizen

Elizabeth HodgeElizabeth Hodge has been serving as a Board Fellow on the Generation Citizen Board for 4 months. Here she tells us about her motivations for taking part in the program, what she hopes to gain from the experience and what she’s enjoyed the most so far.

What motivated you to participate in the Net Impact Board Fellows program?
After volunteering with nonprofits for more than a decade, I wanted to take on more responsibility and utilize my professional skill set to help a local nonprofit thrive. The Board Fellows program seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to accomplish this goal because the program would match me with a nonprofit that was specifically looking for a board member with my skills and interests.

What do you hope to gain professionally from serving as a Board Fellow on the Generation Citizen Board?
I’m hoping to gain leadership experience and further develop my knowledge of organizational strategy, two areas that will be very helpful as I progress in my career. I also hope my participation in the program will inspire my peers to become more involved in the work of local nonprofits.

What is the project you are focusing on during your tenure as a Board Fellow and what are the key deliverables?
I’m working with Generation Citizen Massachusetts to develop a corporate engagement strategy. I’ve been asked to create a research framework that evaluates corporate philanthropy and volunteer programs, plus I’m responsible for conducting research on dozens of high-profile companies in the Boston area. Once my research is done, I’ll work with fellow board members to draft an engagement strategy that aligns with the organization’s mission and programs. The last deliverable is to develop outreach materials to help the organization implement its new strategy.

What have you enjoyed most about the Board Fellows Experience so far?
As part of my Board Fellows project I’ve interviewed several nonprofit professionals about their experience engaging corporate partners. I’ve really enjoyed learning what it takes to build long-lasting corporate partnerships and I’m looking forward to applying the collective wisdom of Boston’s nonprofit community to help Generation Citizen expand its fundraising and engagement efforts.

Would you recommend the Net Impact Board Fellows Program to other young professionals in Boston?
Absolutely – I would recommend the Board Fellows program to anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the Boston community and is committed to contributing at least 10 hours a month to their project. I would encourage professionals from all backgrounds to apply because nonprofits really benefit from having board members with diverse skills.

Find about more about the Board Fellows program here and come for a drink at Post 390 on May 19th at 5.30pm to meet the organizing team and get your questions answered. The application deadline is May 23rd.

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