NIB Career Q&A: David Brown, Executive Director, TUGG (Speed Networking VIP 2014)

Entrepreneurship_-_David_Brown_HeadshotWe are so excited that David Brown, Executive Director, TUGG is joining us as a VIP for our 7th annual Speed Networking evening on June 25th, 2014. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions and find out more about his journey as an impact professional.

What inspired you to pursue a career with positive social or environmental impact?

A combination of a little bit of everything: parents who were in social fields and got my sister and I involved early; educational experiences focused on economic diversity; living in places (such as Lesotho) that showed how drastically opportunities are dictated by where you are born; and then coming back to the US to realize the same is true. All of these things in life have helped show me that things are not always fair and that what I cared about the most was making an impact towards resolving those disparities. I see these signs every day.

What’s the most interesting/most fun/most challenging aspect of your job?

Big question here! I would say: learning about amazing innovations – both for profit and nonprofit – everyday / watching entrepreneurs you support succeed because of resources & introductions you set them up with (or watching a new organization/ company launch) / finding time for all the great opportunities that are out there.

What advice would you give to those looking for a career with a positive social or environmental impact?

Find a great mentor and then do whatever you can to work for them. Great mentors make a work experience.

What’s the best networking tip you’ve ever been given?

Don’t “network,” simply go out to meet and get to know truly interesting people.

Places for Speed Networking 2014 are going fast! Sign up today and join us on June 25th to meet an amazing line up of VIPs and make connections with fellow Net Impact members – you never know where it could lead.

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