November 2014 President’s Corner

Hello Net Impact Boston Members,

Our 2nd Annual Meeting took place last month and many of you were there to listen and share. It was once again a great success, and a valuable opportunity to hear from you. We took detailed notes on your feedback and ideas and we’ve been studying diligently since then. Thanks to all who attended for their participation. And for the homework. We’re good students.

The 22nd annual Net Impact Conference takes place November 6-8th in Minneapolis and Net Impact Boston has a significant presence there. Members of our leadership team are slated to present at the Chapter Leader Session, the Professional Chapter Lunch Session, and will be recognized as Professional Chapter of the Year during the Opening Keynote. Exciting stuff. Perhaps you’re reading this while at the Conference? Or maybe you’re at home, live streaming some of the key sessions (see the Announcements below for more information). Regardless, we hope to see you at upcoming events so that you can hear about our Net Impact Conference experience, or share stories of your own.

In other news, you may have heard that Net Impact Boston is a partner in the City Awake Social Impact Festival taking place in December. If so, you heard correctly. More info to come. Hope to see you there, or at our Storytelling event later this month. Read on for details.

Kevin Hart
President, Net Impact Boston
Connecting professionals, empowering change

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