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Net Impact Boston’s Leadership in Any Role: Be a Changemaker in your Organization event was a part of the 10-day-long City Awake Social Impact Festival, which aimed to catalyze Boston’s diverse community of for-impact institutions and leaders to maximize their collective impact through increased awareness and community-building. Just in case you missed it, here Rebecca Bar shares a recap of the event and her content highlights.

On December 9, 2014, impact professionals from across Boston braved monsoon-like conditions for an evening at General Assembly of collaborative workshops and networking focused on developing your organization and career through taking effective action for change.

Caleb Dean at City Awake Event

Keynote Speaker: Caleb Dean

The evening began with an opening keynote from Caleb Dean, Director of Owl, Fox & Dean, an organizational strategy and design firm. Caleb encouraged us to change the conversation around leadership– instead of fixating on the key characteristics of leaders and how to emulate them, focusing on cultivating a personal style of leadership. He spoke to the importance of truly understanding yourself, others and the context of what’s around you before you can make a real impact. As he put it, “it’s hard to change the organization around you if you don’t understand people and how to best influence them.” Caleb also reminded us to think of influence in the context of ‘say, do, generate,’ remembering to be conscious of what we put out into the world and how that resonates with those around you.

Following Caleb’s inspiring opening, Net Impact Boston Leadership Team member, Amy Green, presented her ‘Impact at Work’ story, sharing real world experience effecting change through setting up and leading a “Green Team” at the company where she worked. Amy emphasized the important of engaging stakeholders at all levels of an organization and not just senior decision-makers. She also coached us to start small, focus on one problem at a time, map the stakeholders, make an action plan and communicate the impact.

The group then broke out into two collaborative workshops: Tactics for Engagement: Planning for Success and The Inspiring Factor: Driving Change. During the breakout sessions, participants worked through real world problems and learned tangible tips and tools to overcome challenges and reach their goals.City Awake Event

Though each of us had their own organizational and career challenges, we all left inspired with new tools and tips to overcome them. Looking forward to putting them into action and seeing the change!

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