January 2015 President’s Corner

Hello Net Impact Boston Members,

Interested in starting 2015 out by making an impact and being part of the Leadership Team at Net Impact Boston? Here’s a chance to make good on that resolution!

We are looking for two candidates that are ready to get involved and get their hands dirty as part of our Events team. Apply today and help us plan and execute exciting programming at NIB, like happy hours, professional development and networking events.

Here at Net Impact Boston, we are focusing on making local impacts in 2015. To kick that off, we’re holding two food-driven events, one on either end of January 21st. It’s like a Net Impact Boston sandwich, which I imagine to be delicious, thought provoking, and best washed down with crisp clean water from your Dopper reusable water bottle. Our recurring Sustainability Breakfast will take place on the morning of the 21st, and in the evening, an exciting educational discussion on the Massachusetts Food Waste Ban that we’re calling “Apples, Peels, & Leftover Meals.” More details are below, so read on and come be part of the conversation! Until then, we are excited about the new year ahead and looking forward to opportunities to share ideas and renewed energy.

Happy New Year,

Kevin Hart
President, Net Impact Boston
Connecting professionals, empowering change

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