Career Summit Expo Exposed: An Interview with EMD Millipore

Next Friday, February 27th, Net Impact Boston will be hosting the 2015 Career Summit, which will bring together graduate students, professionals, and organizations in the social impact and sustainability space to learn, discuss, and share their experience with “Impact Across Industries”, cross-sector collaboration, and the value of partnerships to get things done.  Sign up today to join the conversation and share your impact.

Every year, the Career Summit features thought-provoking keynote speakers, panelists, and workshops, but is centered around the Career Summit Expo, which engages forward-thinking employers and innovative organizations in an open, exhibition-style format. This is an opportunity to make valuable connections with high quality candidates who are looking for a job, networking, and exploring innovations in the fields of environmental or social responsibility. If you, or your company, would like to participate in the 2015 Career Summit Expo, please email Arzu Ceviz before Wednesday, February 25th.

LasM-EMD-MILLIPORE_logot year, EMD Millipore was a platinum sponsor of the event and found the Career Summit Expo was great for brand exposure and sharing their story, which is why they are excited about joining us again this year!

Why did EMD Millipore participate in last year’s Career Summit Expo?

EMD Millipore participated last year as an opportunity to share our corporate responsibility story, network with like-minded professionals within the Boston area, and meet potential candidates for our graduate-level summer internship position.

What was the most valuable part of last year’s expo for EMD Millipore?

The opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and graduate students who are passionate and immersed in the impact space. The Career Summit is a rich environment for intelligent, Boston-area professionals who are looking to make connections and get excited about the work we have been doing.  The Expo gave us the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and recruit these high quality potential candidates that we are looking for.

What is one thing that you learned from last year’s Expo that you’d pass on to other companies participating this year?

In addition to raising awareness of our brand and what we are doing as a company to make positive environmental and social impact, one of the great benefits of attending the Career Summit as an expo participant was the opportunity to meet and network with other professionals in the space. It was extremely helpful to share best practices, as well as the successes and challenges we all face, and the connections made continued beyond that one event.

If you are interested in participating in the 2015 Career Summit Expo as an organization, email Arzu Ceviz, or to register as an attendee, sign up here.  See you next week!

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