NIB Q&A: Deana Becker, Director Stakeholder Operations, Preserve

Deana BeckerDeana Becker, Director of Stakeholder Operations, Preserve, will be participating in the “​B Corps: Certification for Companies” panel at the 2015 Net Impact Boston Career Summit on February 27.

Preserve, a certified B Corporation, is the leading maker of performance driven and stylish 100% recycled household products. Its mission is to help reduce the harm caused by the industrial age by demonstrating that consumer products can be both fabulous and lighter on the earth. Sign up today for the opportunity to join the panel discussion with Deana Becker, Jeff Barry, Founder, Boston Organics, Margot Isman, Managing Director of Vera Solutions, Ryan Midden, General Manager, Ben & Jerry’s Boston, and Jackie Herskovitz Russell, President, Teak Media & Communication.

What inspired you to pursue a career with positive social or environmental impact?
I really couldn’t imagine working somewhere that didn’t seek to improve the world from a social or environmental perspective since these are themes that have always interested me.  Working on a master’s in Sustainable International Development at Brandeis, I became convinced that in the quest for a better world, business has to be part of the solution.  From there, I looked for opportunities that combined business with social and environmental missions. I’ve always known that if I am going to get up and go to work each day, it has to be something that maps with my values.

What’s the most interesting/most challenging aspect of your job?
Preserve is a small company so everyone wears many hats.  I love being involved across a wide variety of departments and topics,but this is no doubt the most challenging part as well.   We do a lot with limited resources, but often it is hard not to be able to dive in as deep to some areas as I’d like.

What advice would you give to those looking for a career with a positive social or environmental impact?
I recommend finding a company you care about and then pitching your skills.  Be flexible and be willing to do what needs to get done.  Mission driven companies need people with real skills that go beyond passion so building the basics are important. The good part though is that at a mission driven company, you are always working on the mission in some way, even if you are doing something that feels mundane.  In the end, if you are a person that is excited about (and knows about) diving deeper with social and environmental impact, you’ll find a way to get involved in those key conversations, even if it is slowly at first.

The theme for the Career Summit 2015 is ‘Impact Across Industries’ – do you think it is important for different industries and sectors to come together to tackle social and environmental issues and why?
Absolutely. This is much of what the B Corp movement is all about.  At last year’s B Corp retreat we talked about the concept of “What can we do better together than we can do on our own?”  Even though we are in different industries, we have a lot in common and we can act in those common areas with a unified voice.  For example, we all use banks and when we make the choice of how to bank (maybe choosing a community bank), we are speaking with our values.  By focusing on what unifies businesses rather than what separates them, we can together move the needle.  On our own we can only do so much.

Sign up today for the Career Summit on February 27 and prepare to be inspired!

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