March 2015 President’s Corner

Hello Net Impact Boston Members,

We are still buzzing about the 3rd annual Net Impact Boston Career Summit. The event was a huge success, and the culmination of months of hard work by some key members of our team, assisted by our Grad Chapter partners. Thanks to all who attended and/or participated.

I was lucky to be involved in the Career Summit in multiple roles, introducing the opening keynote, attending panels and representing my company at the Expo, so I was able to learn from and talk with many curious and energized professionals and students alike. It’s exciting to be working in a region with so many organizations doing outstanding and fascinating work.

During March, our content theme is focused on the growing community of B Corps, as we aim to provide resources to help you learn how they are trying to redefine success in business. As for our events, we are flipping clichés on their figurative heads, coming in like lambs and going out like lions.  We’ll start purring with our monthly Sustainability Breakfast on Wednesday, March 18th. Be sure to keep your St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations under control on the day before so that you can Wake up bright-eyed and join us at Pret A Manger. Bleary-eyed people are welcome too (we foster diversity at NIB).

On March 26th we are very excited to be partnering with Building Impact to bring you Service Made Simple: Networking with a Cause, an event that will combine networking with volunteering – two of our favorite things, and a time-efficient way to scratch your impact itches. Hope to see you there.

Kevin Hart
President, Net Impact Boston
Connecting professionals, empowering change

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