2016 Career Summit Series: Q&A with CDM Smith’s Jay Coy

Coy-HeadshotJay Coy, Civil Engineer at CDM Smith, answered a few of our questions as a sneak peek for next week’s Career Summit!  He will be one of the speakers on the Urban Resilience Panel at Net Impact Boston’s Career Summit, happening next Friday, February 26.  Be sure to get your tickets today to hear more from him and our other panel speakers, and to meet others passionate about the impact sector!

What is the most interesting/challenging aspect of your work?

There are many different interesting and challenging aspects of my work, ranging from traveling to New York City for weeks at a time to design green infrastructure all the way to designing large diameter concrete pipe that collects hundreds of acres of storm water runoff. That variety from day-to-day and week-to-week is what I enjoy the most.

What is the best career advice you have received?

I think the best advice I’ve received, and it applies to not only your career but also life in general, is to choose your attitude. You can do everything with a positive attitude better than you can with a negative one.

Innovation plays a key role in achieving social and environmental impact. How has innovation helped your organization and where do you see the next few years taking us (particularly in your industry)?

Innovation has played a tremendous roll for my current work. We have been able create data points in the field and have someone do a desktop review of the data instantly. This allowed us to minimize the need for multiple site visits. I only see technology growing over the next few years – for instance, drones are already starting to be used for site recon and analysis on locations with difficult access.

Don’t forget – tickets to our Career Summit are on sale now!

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