LT TOP PICKS: Networking Tips + Resources

Our June theme is all about networking and we asked our Leadership Team to provide a list of some of their favorite advice that have been able to help them successfully build their network. They also shared some of their favorite organizations and a fun video on what NOT to do!
Check out our top picks and add yours in the comments below!
  • Always walk away from a conversation with someone having identified who they will connect you with and who you will connect them to. Don’t let conversations be an end point, but a vehicle to get you to the next step.
  • When you are somewhere collecting a lot of business cards, like a conference, write something about the person you are talking to on the back of their card to help you remember who was who later one.
  • Volunteer! Doing something of mutual interest with a group of other potential peers puts you in an atmosphere where you can show off your work ethic, learn some new skills, and meet people with whom you can commiserate over the difficulties of whatever you were working on together.
  • It’s amazing how many connections are missed because both people take that business card out of their pocket when they get home, put it in a pile and forget about it until it’s too late to reach out without it being embarrassing. Follow up within the next few days after meeting someone, it can take a little time but over time it hugely expands your network of people you feel comfortable checking back in with!
  • Conduct many informational interviews. 
  • Remember these nine things NOT to do while networking.
  • Keep networking even after you’ve found a job. You never know when you might need your network contacts again.


  • Society of Grownups offers a ton of casual classes on career advancement in a variety of formats.
  • Levo League is a women professional networking/development organization.
  • Revolve Nation Boston Entrepreneur Meetup Group is the largest group of entrepreneurs and for supporting entrepreneurs in Boston. Founded in 2003, it has over 2,000 members and features a unique format that combines open networking and group discussions.
  • Network After Work is a national business and social networking event company that launched in June 2009. They host events in nineteen US cities. They are for professionals who want to expand their network and create new business opportunities. Events range in size from 150-600 professionals and take place in each city’s top nightlife destinations.
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