2016 Speed Networking VIP Series: Q&A with Alyssa Caddle, Consultant Program Manager, Office of Sustainability at EMC

With her small team at EMC, Alyssa works across the spectrum of sustainability including governance, human rights, product efficiency, and interaction with EMC’s finance and risk organizations. She serves as a liaison to organizations such as BSR and EICC on behalf of EMC, as well as representing EMC in the GreenBiz Executive Network. An eight year veteran of EMC, Caddle has experience in both technical and non-technical roles within Supply Chain, Hardware Engineering, and IT. She holds a BS and MS in engineering from Northeastern University.

What’s the first thing you do when you plug into work?

Email and coffee!! All joking aside, the culture at EMC is very customer focused, so the first order of business each morning is always to see if we’ve gotten any requests into our general mailbox and to disposition those as quickly as possible. Often, these come from EMC sales people attempting to satisfy our customers’ demands regarding sustainability in their own supply chains (similar to what we ask of our suppliers). We’re also programmed to always scan the major news outlets for things that could be of interest to sustainability at EMC. These manifest themselves across the pages including science, tech, business, environment, and sometimes education and food (where the stories relate to big data) – just one of the things I love about my job!

Why is it important for people in the impact field to network?

We need to be systems thinkers, and interacting with many people across different industries and specialties gives you a better understanding and appreciation for the nuances involved in various pieces of the system. We can never be true EXPERTS in EVERYTHING related to corporate sustainability, so building a network of experts allows you leverage people’s expertise and make decisions that make the most impact.

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