2016 Speed Networking VIP Series: Q&A with Mil Niepold, President and Founder at The Mara Partners

Mil Niepold specializes in convening multi-stakeholder dialogues around complex social issues. Prior to starting The Mara Partners, Mil worked in policy at Verité (an award-winning labor and human rights NGO) focusing on bringing diverse stakeholders including governments, trade unions, civil society organizations and academics together to address critical human development challenges inherent to raw materials supply chains. In particular, Mil worked for four years with a wide array of stakeholders to help eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labor in the cocoa sector in West Africa. Her corporate social responsibility work has also spanned both private sector Fortune 500 companies such as American Express and the public sector with organizations such as UNICEF, the European Union, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Why is it important for people in the impact field to network?

The “impact” field is vast and complex. Networking is a key part of putting so many of the jigsaw pieces together. For example, how do clean/ renewable energy technology investments intersect with human trafficking solutions? No single person can understand all the angles… especially as things evolve so frequently. Networking helps you connect the dots and make better, more strategic decisions.

What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of?

Most recently, I developed an initiative (seeking funding, by the way!) that illustrates the gendered dimensions of responses to human trafficking. This initiative has pulled together research from many fields to prove that having more women police officers, border agents, judges, etc. will likely have a catalytic impact on the way we fight modern day slavery in global supply chains.

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