Facts & Faces: Meet the Net Impact Boston Leadership Team!

Faces and Facts

Match the facts and faces! Can you guess which Impact Confession belongs to which Net Impact Boston Leadership Team member? (Answers at bottom of article.) Visit our website to learn more about joining the Net Impact Boston Leadership Team. Applications must be submitted by August 15th, 2016.

Pat | Leadership Team Position: Operations Manager
Passion: The nexus between sustainable energy and technology
Impact Confession: “I love meat. It is rare for me to not have meat on a dish. I am also currently seeking the world’s greatest cheeseburger if anyone has recommendations.”
Sarah | Leadership Team Position: Marketing Team Co-Chair
Day Job: Sustainability Advisor at Partners HealthCare
Impact Confession: “Traveling to faraway places keeps me going. The more 12hr+ flights I can squeeze into the year, the better! But not for my carbon footprint…”

Dan P. | Leadership Team Position: Marketing Team Co-Chair
Day Job: Graduate student at HKS focusing on water issues and the intersection of the public and private sectors
Impact Confession: “Long showers… I know I shouldn’t need more than five minutes, but almost every time I grossly overshoot that mark!”
Megan | Leadership Team Position: Marketing Team Member
Day Job: Incorporating impact investing within digital advice solutions at John Hancock
Impact Confession: “Amazon Priming EVERYTHING…keeping my fingers crossed that direct shipping is greenifying distribution channels, because it’s so darn convenient!”
Anthony | Leadership Team Position: Events Team Member
Day Job: Corporate Program Associate at Ceres, Inc.
Impact Confession: “Public transit snob: Whenever I can share a ride w someone, I’ll grab an uber to avoid hectic public transit.”

Laura | Leadership Team Position: President
Passions: Cultivating impactful leadership and protecting the world’s oceans
Impact Confession: “I commute to work north of the city by car, and then end up driving most places from there!”
Drew | Leadership Team Position: Events Team Member
Day Job: Founder and Partner at Emzingo, a social enterprise and certified B Corp
Impact Confession: “My wife and I like experiences over things and that often means more jet fuel than we’d like.”
Kayla | Leadership Team Position: Marketing Team Member
Day Job: Senior Associate at Cause Consulting
Impact Confession: “I always forget to unplug my appliances, especially my hair dryer!”

Jessie | Leadership Team Position: Events Team Member
Passion: Finding repurposing strategies to decrease waste
Impact Confession: “Gel manicures: a new technology with an involved process means more waste, but they last so long!”
Erika | Leadership Team Position: Marketing Team Member
Day Job: Business Development at HourlyNerd, an on-demand consulting platform
Impact Confession: “I try to eat local, but I love mangoes, avocados, pomegranates…basically, all food that does not naturally grow in New England!”

Dan H. | Leadership Team Position: Student Chapter Relations Chair
Day Job: Program Specialist at the MassTech Collaborative
Impact Confession: “I sleep with a fan on 365 days a year. It’s definitely a waste of electricity, but the ambient noise and cool breeze helps me sleep!”

Alana | Leadership Team Position: Career Summit Co-Chair
Day Job: Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant
Impact Confession: “For 7 years I was an car-less urbanite, but with recent good business comes more travel. The ups and downs of business will balance me out.”

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Answers: (Clockwise, from top left: Drew, Laura, Pat, Megan, Alana, Erika, Dan H., Kayla, Erika, Dan P., Anthony, Sarah)

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