Griffin Vanze, Aeon Row – Impact Summit 2017



Griffin Vanze
Founder, Aeon Row
Panel 6: Sustainable Fashion

Walk-ins are Welcome for Impact Summit 2017 Building a Better Future February 24th.


What changes have you seen in your industry that make you feel hopeful about the future of sustainability?

There are many new brands trying out novel sustainability concepts in the fashion space, but I actually think the biggest change is coming from consumers – they’re savvy and they care enough to research products before they make purchases. Ultimately it will be consumers who decide the future of sustainable fashion.

If you could interview anyone, alive or passed, whom would it be and why?

Estee Lauder. She had this incredible vision for her products, which fused inner and outer beauty, but she also knew how to grind harder and smarter than anyone else. She was the original girlboss.

Could you tell us about a time you took a chance and it paid off?

After college, I joined the Peace Corps in Namibia. Some people told me that I was delaying a start to my professional career, but it actually set me on a path to start thinking about resource distribution and resourcefulness with items typically considered waste. Without the Peace Corps, I would have never started my business.



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