Ryan Midden, Ben & Jerry’s – Impact Summit 2017


Ryan Midden
Flagship Quality Manager, Ben & Jerry’s
Panel 1: Feeding out Communities

Walk-ins are Welcome for Impact Summit 2017 Building a Better Future February 24th.



What changes have you seen in your industry that make you feel hopeful about the future of sustainability?

I think 2017 alone has shown us what drives brands & what they see as beneficial for their brands in terms of their advertising. You have brands talking about social issues and it’s interesting to try and decipher whether they feel that that is what needs to be done to succeed or if they are truly trying to express something about themselves to the public. Brands are lodging petitions, taking on state and federal governments and even threatening to use their influence to get attention towards issues. This gives me hope. To see risks being taken for the greater good.

What app, social media or otherwise, could you not live without and why?

For me, personally & professionally, I enjoy Facebook. It’s a bit of a central platform where I can see conversations within B&J’s and my industry as a whole from all over the world. A lot of great content feeds its way to FB which makes it a bit of a one stop shop for content and trends.

Could you tell us about a time you took a chance and it paid off?

Last year, after 13 years with the Ben & Jerry’s team in Boston, I left my position of running the operations there with the hope of doing more with the company, and on a higher level. There were no positions open in the department I wanted. I even applied for positions in other departments just to get my foot in the door, with no luck. But, I had made a decision…my time in Boston was done. I’d hoped that my journey with B&J’s wasn’t coming to end but I was prepared to accept that if it was the case. Luckily, B&J’s did create an offer me a position about a week before my last day at work in Boston. ***cue large sigh of relief & a grin for a chance victory

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