Ismail Samad, Daily Table – Impact Summit 2017


Ismail Samad
Executive Chef, Daily Table
Panel 1: Feeding our Communities

Walk-ins are Welcome for Impact Summit 2017 Building a Better Future February 24th.


What is one of your proudest career achievements?

One of my proudest career achievements was opening my own restaurant, The Gleanery, in Putney, VT. The Gleanery was started based off of personal relationships with farmers, and a community of people committed to securing the community supported restaurant model. We came together and opened The Gleanery by selling memberships to the restaurant, a successful kickstarter campaign, food, labor and pottery for trade and our own financial and sweat equity.

What part of Boston’s sustainability/social impact scene is your favorite?

People in Boston are very open to collaboration around social impact and food recovery. I love being able to sit down with peers in this work and have thoughtful conversations about the opportunities and challenges we face in trying to shift the food system.

What is one book that you’ve recently read and would recommend?

The Resilience Dividend is a book that I’d recommend. I like how it highlights the process in effectively addressing challenges facing our communities by using the resources within these communities. Too often, underserved communities rely or are forced to rely on outside support, which can limit the impact of changes.

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