Darien Crimmin, WinnCompanies – Impact Summit 2017


Darien Crimmin
Vice President of Energy & Sustainability, WinnCompanies
Panel 3: The Role of Renewable Energy & Green Building Practices in Local Real Estate

Walk-ins are Welcome for Impact Summit 2017 Building a Better Future February 24th.

What changes have you seen in your industry that make you feel hopeful about the future of sustainability?

While it may be difficult to feel hopeful about anything these days, it’s useful to keep in mind that sustainability is not a passing trend or fad, but rather a unique lens through which we can understand society.  Sustainability is based on a scientific understanding of reality and informed by the ever changing ways in which humans interact with each other and the earth.  The real estate industry has recognized that sustainability is this mega-trend that will continue to be relevant despite short term setbacks from misguided federal policies or reckless politicians.

Could you tell us about a time you took a chance and it paid off?

After I finished graduate school, I took the next year off to simply enjoy life, without stressing over employment, career or future job prospects.  Having accumulated some $70k in student loans, I was certainly not free of financial concerns, but yet was temporarily content working at a small restaurant in Harvard Square.  To me, the stress to find a job immediately after graduation seemed artificially inflated and misguided.   I used this time to focus on myself, to take an inventory of my accomplishments and ambitions, to travel the world for the first time, to fall in love with my future wife, and to enjoy a few months of unregulated freedom.  When I was ready, I updated my resume and carefully targeted my first two job applications.  When asked to interview for both positions, I nailed it, and soon after received two attractive job offers.  Taking time off between graduate school and starting my career

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