Allie Kroner
Community Development Director, b.good
Panel 1: Feeding our Communities

Walk-ins are Weclome for Impact Summit 2017 Building a Better Future February 24th.


What is one of your proudest career achievements? 

In my last year of grad school I had a part time position running b.good’s foundation, but my goal was to expand my duties to cover all of b.good’s community engagement and turn the role in to a full time gig by the time I graduated. I didn’t know if my boss would even engage in conversation about creating a role, but I worked up the courage to start the conversation before winter break. Though I was at first told that such a role was years away, I kept making my case periodically throughout the year until the position was created and I joined the team full time after graduation. It took just about all of my courage and belief in myself to continue to drive that conversation and advocate for myself and the value I would add to the business, but my career wouldn’t have been the same otherwise and I’m very glad I did.

What part of Boston’s sustainability/social impact scene is your favorite? 

Simply put, we have an incredible collection of minds here in this city. I think there’s no better way to motivate yourself to improve than to regularly be in rooms with people who are smarter than you and doing outstanding work, and that’s very easy to do in Boston.

What is one book that you’ve recently read and would recommend?

Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey & Raj Sisodia. It was a thoughtful take on how business can be a force for good and I highly recommend it to anyone new or seasoned working on corporate social responsibility, social impact, and/or looking to strengthen their business’s community investment.

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