Session One (Business and Impact): Don Reed

image1 (1)A Managing Director in PwC’s Trust & Transparency Solutions business, Don has 18 years of experience helping operating companies, asset managers, and financial institutions develop and implement risk management and communications strategies on long-term value creation.

Much of Don’s current work is with asset owners and managers who want to improve risk-adjusted returns by integrating environmental and social trend analysis into their decision-making process across their investment policy, asset allocation, investment selection, active ownership, portfolio management and exit disciplines.

Don joined PwC in 2009 with the acquisition of Sustainable Finance Ltd., where he developed due diligence procedures for specific industries, briefed deal teams on the impact of climate change regulation, and analyzed climate change risks at the portfolio, transaction and asset levels. He also worked with asset managers to incorporate analysis of environmental and social strategies into security analysis and portfolio management across a variety of asset classes.  Prior to that, he led the corporate sustainability engagement program of the World Resources Institute.

Recent example engagements include:

  • Developing and implementing a business and technology solution to manage and analyzing non-financial business information for a global pharmaceuticals company;
  • Developing and implementing a system for integrating sustainability analysis into the investment decisions of a leading sovereign wealth fund;
  • Developing a disclosure and reporting system and process for the community benefits business of a large healthcare provider; and,
  • Creating a comprehensive financial model for deploying clean energy globally for a global consumer packaged goods company, based on after-tax ROI across multiple countries and incentive programs.

Don is co-author of “Resilience: Sustaining the supply chain,” and “Converging worlds: Five management principles from companies modernizing our vehicles, buildings and electric grids,” published by PwC, “Single Bottom Line Sustainability” published by Ecos Corporation, and author of “Stalking the Elusive Financial Case for Corporate Sustainability” and “Green Shareholder Value-Hype or Hit?” published by WRI.

A Chartered Financial Analyst, Don has an AB degree in Political Economy from Princeton University and an MBA in Finance from the Stern School at New York University, both with honors.


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