Ajay Pal Singh

Ajay Pal SinghAjay Pal Singh grew up on his father’s farm in India, where he came across many sustainability challenges faced by farmers and workers in his village at the very grass root level.⁠⁠⁠⁠ Having seen the hardships faced by farmers and daily wagers so closely in an emerging market like India, he realized the need for education and knowledge to bring about a change. With his passion and desire to work towards the emancipation of communities across the globe, he went on to pursue an M.S. degree in Sustainable Resource Management from the Technical University of Munich, Germany after obtaining his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from India.

Since his graduation, Ajay has worked on various Sustainable Development and Environmental Research projects in culturally diverse global markets, including Cameroon, Japan, Germany, Croatia, Canada, and India, gaining extensive work experience with international development organizations and think tanks, liaising with Corporates, Government agencies, NGOs and Indigenous groups.

He is currently working as an Energy Consultant at Tesla Energy where his role focuses on educating communities about the benefits of solar energy and helping them transition to the same. Prior to his role as an energy consultant, he had the opportunity to work at the UN Global Compact with their Supply Chain Sustainability team providing guidance to SMEs looking to adopt traceability in their supply chains and assisting them to link their initiative to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Since his move to Boston in 2016, Ajay has attended several Net Impact Boston events eventually joining the Net Impact Boston’s Leadership Team in September 2017. In his present capacity, he will support the events team of Net Impact Boston with their initiatives and undertakings.

Email: asingh@netimpactboston.org

LinkedIn: /ajpalsingh

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