Megan Schleck

Megan runs a fintech startup within John Hancock’s innovation lab, creating digital tools that help individuals bring personal values to the forefront of their financial decisions.

She enjoys navigating the complexities of intrapreneurship  and software development, as well as exploring the intersection between individual finance, personal values and technology.

Megan currently serves as the co-chair for NIB’s Board Fellows Program, where she helps match passionate individuals with local Boston non-profit boards for a 1-year fellowship.

Megan is also an avid outdoorswomen, spending as much time outside as possible. Most recently, Megan joined a team of 5 women to race the Yukon River Quest, canoeing over 444 miles in under 55 hours and winning the women’s voyageur division. She’s currently planning her next adventure and praying for snow.

Megan holds a B.A. from Bates College and a bunch of certificates that help her look good on LinkedIn. She is always happy to connect!


Linkedin: /megan-schleck-3159862b


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