Board Fellows Program


Applications for the September 2018 board fellowship are officially CLOSED! Thank you for your submissions and we look forward to working with you!

Net Impact Boston professionals work in a variety of sectors and possess a wide range of talents, skills, and interests.  What ties them together, however, is a deep commitment to practicing and promoting the principles of social responsibility throughout the local community.  Likewise, Boston’s vibrant nonprofit sector consists of an incredibly diverse group of organizations that vary by stage of growth, size, issue area focus, program delivery, and business model.

About Board Fellows

Board Fellows places Net Impact Boston members on nonprofit boards as non-voting, but participating members for year-long fellowships. The program brings valuable business skills to nonprofits, while exposing Fellows to nonprofit management and governance in practice. Board Fellows and host organizations are matched according to organization need, professional experience, and mission interest alignment.

As a Host Organization…

  • Bring new perspectives into your organization
  • Receive high-quality assistance on projects requiring business skills in particular areas
  • Support the professional development of emerging leaders
  • Engage volunteers in your organization’s work
  • Cultivate potential new board members

More information & application for Hosts

As a Fellow…

  • Gain tangible nonprofit management and board governance experience
  • Put Net Impact ideals into action
  • Work with experienced professionals
  • Develop strong ties to your community
  • Gain experience and exposure in a new (often sought after) industry

More information & application for Fellows


Please email with any additional questions or concerns.

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