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Click here to apply to be a Board Fellow. Applications close May 31st. 

Program Overview

The Board Fellows program places Net Impact Boston members on non-profit boards for one-year fellowships. Board Fellows actively participate as full-time, non-voting members of the Board of Directors.  Fellows attend meetings, join committees, and work on relevant projects—all under the mentorship of a current board member.

In addition, organizations typically develop one or more specific board level projects for Fellows to lead and/or participate in throughout the year. For example, a Board Fellow could be asked to play a major role in preparing a strategic plan to help an organization analyze its program offerings and expansion potential, or to help an organization develop a strategy to increase board participation.

Expectations of a Board Fellow

  • Commit to/contribute 10-15 hours per month to the non-profit organization for one year and attend each general board and relevant committee meeting(s)
  • Be a Net Impact Boston Member if selected to participate (you do not need to be a member to apply, but will ask you to sign up if you are placed as a Board Fellow. Details around member pricing and benefits can be found on our website)
  • Maintain honest and professional interactions with sponsor organizations at all times
  • Work with Executive Director and Board Members to identify an appropriate project to complete during your year-long fellowship
  • Be proactive in ensuring a positive experience with the host organization
  • Be willing to connect and share experiences with other Board Fellows

Selection Process

Non-profit host organization applications are evaluated on organization mission, community impact, and ability to benefit from the Board Fellows model. We also take into consideration the nature and scope of the proposed project(s).  Board Fellow applications are evaluated on experience (work or otherwise), skills/expertise, education, and areas of interest.  Matching periods occur in the spring and fall of each year.

Once Host Organizations and Board Fellows applications have been received and reviewed, a matching process takes place. Selected Fellows are asked to rank the available organizations and projects based on their level of interest, expertise, etc. Once the initial ranking process has been completed, Net Impact facilitates the matching process and works with each side to ensure a strong fit and successful partnership. Above all else, Net Impact Boston strives to make high quality, mutually beneficial matches based on complementary skills, interests, and needs. Thus, even for those organizations and individuals who meet all of the requirements for the program, a match is not guaranteed.


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